The Trial Of Homer's Iliad

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“Some viewers may find the following images disturbing”. This caveat preceded too many news reports in the past years for me to sit unconcerned when watching the umpteenth reporter covering atrocities perpetrated in the world. A feeling of restlessness began arising once again in me at the thought that heinousness was being considered ‘normal’. If I had always been taught that barbarity was pardonable in uncivilized populations, why was it being overlooked among those who basked in their absence of ignorance? To my mind, civility had always been based on legality, but when law did not lead to order, what could uphold society? To gain a broader understanding of the issues behind this fascinating dilemma, I resolved to delve into the world of law. …show more content…

The concept of a “Trial” immediately caught my attention. When we began talking about its importance in a legal system, I was particularly fascinated by a picture used to describe it: a trial scene from Homer’s “Iliad” depicted on Achilles’ shield, made me think of how even a literary piece consideres a court; an institutional forum in which violence is replaced by juridical instruments, necessary for justice to

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