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1) Isaac Monroe Cline was born October 13, 1861. He was an outstanding meteorologist who worked for the Weather Bureau or now known as the National Weather Service. He grew up in Tennessee with his two parents, Mary and John and his brother Joseph. He attended Hiwassee college. His first real job was as a priest. He started getting into meteorology then went to Fort Myers to study it. He was assigned to Little Rock, Arkansas and predicted the weather. Then he was assigned to Fort Concho and then Abilene, Texas where he met his wife Cora. In Abilene he would predict the weather and he saved people 's live when he predicted floods on the Brazos and Colorado rivers. He joined the faculty of the University of Texas Medical School. He moved to Galveston where he helped start the weather division of Galveston Texas. He was a big part of why so many people died in the 1900 hurricane of Galveston. His pregnant wife died in the hurricane and his house was pulverized. He moved to New Orleans, where his daughters went to college. He died at 8:30 August 3rd, 1955 at the age of 93, his brother died a week later. As a kid Isaac had a good relationship with his …show more content…

This made people think they couldn 't be hurt by one. On the day of the hurricane the island flooded and Isaac told people to stay in their homes, but almost all the houses collapsed. When Isaac figured out the storm was a hurricane, he tried to warn as many people as possible, which saved a lot of people. I believe that Isaac was both a hero and too slow to react. He was too slow to react when he didn 't know that it was a hurricane until a few hours before and told people things that got them killed. He was a hero because he let some people into his and he also warned people once he realized the storm was

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