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Kaylee Ann Schreiner is the daughter of Ivan and LeAnna Schreiner. Kaylee has two younger siblings named Danielle and Alyssa Schreiner. After high school, Kaylee plans on attending Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. She plans to study secondary education with an emphasis in biology. Her goal is to become a biology teacher in a small town public school. Kaylee was involved in volleyball and the play during her freshman year. She was a basketball cheerleader during her sophomore year. She was on the bowling team her sophomore, junior, and senior years and was involved in band, FFA, and Motorheads all four years. She joined speech her senior year. If Kaylee could have a "do over" and start school again as a freshman, she would work harder on her homework and would try to get her grades even higher. Her advice for younger students is, "Be yourself. Most people try to be someone they 're not to try to fit in. If you have to change who you are to be cool, I can guarantee you that you 're not going to have fun. Do what you love and don 't let anyone else tell you otherwise." When Kaylee was asked what her favorite thing about being a West Sioux Falcon was, she replied, "My favorite thing is the community. Everyone here is very supporting."…show more content…
Martinsen because he was a lot of fun, and she always learned a lot from him. He was very helpful and was willing to lend a hand if she needed help with anything. Kaylee looks up to Denise Salker because she 's someone you can always count on to be there for you, and she will love you no matter what. To Kaylee, Denise always has a good attitude about everything and expects the most of her because she knows that Kaylee is capable of anything. Mrs. Bak was Kaylee 's favorite coach because she was very encouraging and always understood her. Kaylee thinks Mrs. Bak is very funny and lots of fun to be around. Kaylee knows that Mrs. Bak truly cares
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