Landscaping College Essay

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College. A time of discovery, enlightenment, and personal growth. Obtaining a college degree is a fantastic way to improve the chances of obtaining a high paying job, but college is not free. In fact, many students now face the problem of being able to afford college. That is why many students enter a work study program, but jobs are scarce, especially in Bowling Green. With a student population well over 18,000, the number of staff and students at BGSU far outweigh the number of jobs on and off campus. This isn’t even taking into consideration all of the people that live in Bowling Green that need jobs that do not attend BGSU. BGSU needs to create jobs for its students. That is why BGSU’s landscaping could be done by the homeless or underprivileged, criminals serving community service, or a professional company, but the best option would be to hire students to do the work.
Allowing homeless people to do the landscaping for BGSU would be a big benefit to society. Often, the homeless cannot find work so they don’t know what to do with their time. Jobs are limited in Bowling Green, but the campus is in need of constant repair and up keeping. By allowing the homeless or underprivileged to do the …show more content…

They would provide the cheapest labor and the university would be creating jobs to help students improve their resumes. It would also give students skills so that they could save money be doing their own landscaping one day. Many universities use professional companies to do landscaping, and it does look good, but it doesn’t do anything for the university’s publicity. College is a financial strain on most families, especially low income families. According to The Institute for College Access & Success, “Among graduating seniors who ever received a Pell Grant, 88% had student loans in 2012, with an average of $31,200 per borrower. In contrast, 53% of those who never received a Pell Grant had debt, with an average

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