Leadership Styles In Tesco

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Hamda Aldhaheri

Answer – 1:
The case study of TESCO provides examples of different types of leadership styles. Throughout the case study, it has been said that TESCO as an organization does give much importance to the facets of customer satisfaction and of employee development. It is in within this genre of employee development that the management of the company gives a great importance to the arena of leadership building. The company has a string of able managers and leaders. In this context, the case study mentions that there is a major difference between leaders and managers. Managers are the people who happen to be allocating work and getting the work done by their team members. The leaders
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This is a facet that is high in the democratic style of leadership. In a democratic style of leadership the leader or the manager gives a high rate of independence and liberty to the team members. In this case, we see that the involvement and the responsibility on the part of them members happen to be much higher. The element of the development of the profiles of the team members is much higher under the democratic style of leadership. The last type of leadership style is that of laissez-faire. This is completely opposite to that of the autocratic style. In this style we see that the leader or the manager does in fact ceases to exist. They leave all the responsibilities and all the decision to them members and they prefer to see the performance of the leaders as silent…show more content…
In terms of whether getting the work done or ensuring the development and excellence of the team members, the democratic leadership style has always proved to be the most effective one. In such a type of leadership we see that the leader does ensure a maximum amount of liberty and independence to the team members. This allows the team members to take their own decisions and also learn from their mistakes. In such a type of leadership we see that the number of ideas streaming in for combating a particular situation is also numerous. Hence, a democratic leader is expected to face the least number of troubles or challenges at work.
Answer – 3:
Although the style of leadership is very different for the various managers or the leaders in the company Tesco, there are some common attributes amongst them that happen to mark them as successful or valuable leaders for the company. To make a list of these attributes it can be said that:
• All the three types of leaders seem to have in their mind that the target goal of meeting the expectations of the customer is to be done and the business volume of the company is to be expanded. In other words, they successfully align the targets of the employees with the goals of the
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