Lego Robotics Mentor Research Paper

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Essay #1 Throughout my high school career I myself have participated in various Service activities which I am passionate about. during all my experiences, the service activity which I found the most rewarding was my time as a Lego Robotics mentor where I started two FLL teams at Margaret Beeks Elementary School. I was inspired to mentor these Lego teams because I remember how much I enjoyed building Lego robots when I was a kid. so, I knew that this would be the best way that I could help my community. While I was not able to fully coach both teams due to my younger age, I was the one that took the initiative to help start the two teams by speaking to the principle of the elementary school and helping secure a grant to fund the teams. During this I assisted the kids on my team face real world problems such as time management, public speaking, and proper waste disposal procedures. During these trials I helped the kids organize their …show more content…

To start with NHS should start to tutor in subjects such as Drafting and Foreign Language which I myself have completed many years in both. Since elective classes are mandatory to graduate high school they should be tutored by students in NHS who have taken these courses. This would improve the successes of other student due to the fact that some of the elective classes are difficult but, can be made easier if peers can help out. I consider that an online forum would be useful, here questions that could be answered by members in a similar manner as afternoon tutoring. Lastly, since NHS consists of many very intelligent members who excel at tutoring people the club could start tutoring at elementary and middle schools. This would help establish good habits early on. If NHS established foreign language clubs at local elementary schools then kids could learn languages earlier on so that they are more successful during high

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