Limited Duty Naval Officer Essay

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It would be of the greatest Honors to service in the United States Navy as a Limited Duty Naval Officer. I am seeking a commission for several reasons, but my primary reason is to give something back to a nation that has allowed me to live free and safe for twenty-nine years, and to do my part to help protect it from all threats, both internal and external. I know I have certain attributes that will strengthen, enhance and maintain the integrity of not only wardroom, but any ship that might be honor to serve in. Through the Navy I have gained considerable insight into leadership and its different styles. I have discovered useful tools for motivation, management and learned as much from those whose methods I disagree with as from those whom I respect as outstanding leaders. I have had the opportunity see what works and what doesn’t work and I appreciate that I have much to learn about both. The leadership qualities that I've obtained enable me to produce…show more content…
Pursuant to this goal, I wish to be in a position of optimal effectiveness in the context of service to my country, and…show more content…
. The day I started working on board DDG-63 USS Stethem, it gave me a great purpose and has made me feel as though I belong in the service. After several years working in the enlisted deck plates, I wish to expand my goals and dreams; I wish to become a Commissioned officer in the United States Navy. As an officer in the Navy, I feel as though I can reach more people and touch their lives to train and guide the sailors appointed under my command. I wish to be much a part of the United States military and to serve at the absolute best of my abilities. I desire the next step on my goals in life. I want to affect peoples' lives positively and with great dedication to my
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