Maasik And Solomon In Signs Of Life In The USA

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Have you ever gone online to buy something and ended up purchasing more than what you expected? There is a science to how the online websites get your attention to purchase the latest styles. Every season the websites need to find new and creative ways to solicit these items. Often times an online store will have special offers, coupon codes and free shipping to draw the consumer in. In this essay I will talk about what the online stores do to encourage consuming behavior. According to the authors Maasik and Solomon in Signs of Life in the USA, on page 76, “It’s no accident the decade to decade shift in consumer styles coincides with the advent of modern advertising and mass production, because it was mass production that created a need for …show more content…

For example, American Eagle has 2.3 million followers on Instagram. They can post their newest styles and sales so that the consumer can see them directly. Many online stores get their followers engaged by starting a hashtag trend, such as #weallcan by American Eagle, which makes those followers more likely to be consumers. The best part for the retailers is that it is free advertising. Often times online stores will have limited time offers to rope consumers in so that they can get something special before they miss out. For instance, stores will do a BOGO, also known as buy one get one free. Rewards programs are another way online stores get you to buy merchandise. For example, if you earn a certain amount of points, you receive money off of your next purchase. Free shipping is another way to entice buyers to purchase more products because they will have a dollar amount that needs to be hit before the shipping is free. Web design is an important component in promoting consumerism. In the article titled How Good Web Design Influences Consumer Behavior by Owen Andrew, “If your website's slow or confusing to navigate, you make it difficult, if not impossible, for people to buy anything. It’s extremely important to make sure the purchase funnel is as simple as possible, so that even the least computer-savvy visitors can find and buy a product on your website quickly and

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