Mammoth Cave National Park Research Paper

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Mammoth Caves National Park: Spelunking into Mystery The Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky spans 52,830 acres, it has a surface area of about 80 square miles and the mapped five-layer cave system encompasses more than 365 miles. (National Geographic) Mammoth Cave in Kentucky provides the opening to the world 's largest known cave system that is rich in historical significance and offers many more opportunities for discovery. Mammoth Caves National Park is the largest known cave system in the World that provides tourists with many venues for entertainment. One of the interesting facts about Mammoth Cave is that in 1981 it became a United Nations World Heritage Site and international biosphere reserve. Tourists are able to explore above and below ground at this National treasure. There is a vast expanse of forested land rich in camping sites, water activities, and hiking trails. Underground, tourists will be able to travel through the caves and…show more content…
Upon many years of service providing tours and exploring this majestic beauty, Bishop was given his freedom upon his owner’s passing. However, he remained with his beloved caves. Bishop died in 1857 and his body remains in the Old Guide’s Cemetery at Mammoth Caves National Park. (Grand, Gloomy, and Peculiar) Mammoth Caves was once a Tuberculosis Hospital between 1842-1843 when Dr. John Croghan believed that the key to curing this devastating disease was held in the mysteries of the caverns of Mammoth Caves. Unfortunately for his patients, Dr. Croghan’s theories were incorrect and they began to have additional breathing issues caused by poor ventilation of campfires in the caves. Eventually Dr. Croghan moved his patients back to the surface where they passed away from the natural course of their disease. Dr. Croghan contracted Tuberculosis and passed six years later. (Physician, Heal
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