The Pros And Cons Of Woolly Mammoths

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Woolly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius) have been extinct for a very long time, with the last of the species dying out about 3,600 years ago. But researchers say it may be possible to bring these and other extinct species back from the grave. There is significant controversy and critics over the idea of bring back to life and assert that efforts would be better spent conserving existing or endangered species. Critics of resurrection say reviving extinct animal could do more harm to conservation efforts than good. As for me, I would be disagreeing with the idea proposed. Mostly it is really related to the ethical issues and technical issues.
There are some logistical and ethical questions arise and why the scientists should considered before go through with recreating extinct species. With the massive idea to create new mammoth, people argue on where they would live and if they would live comfortable and safe lives. Besides, with the decision to bring back mammoth to life, scientists should be prepared with what will the mammoths eat? Scientists assumed that the diet would be same with the current living elephants including grasses, shrubs and all. With the expectation, people now are looking at the risks that might come with their croplands. What would stop mammoths from raiding these fields? How would human treat the beasts if they are misbehave? With the idea of resurrection, the scientists should be prepared with methods to control them too and whether the species will
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