Man's Best Friend Speech

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Man’s Best Friend
Popularized in the early 1900’s, the phrase “man’s best friend” is a colloquial name that refers to the 10,000 year-long relationship between humans and dogs. Thousands of years ago amidst forager societies, dogs were selected as hunting partners for their behavior and strength of scent. Within dense forests where human senses are inevitably weakened, a dog’s ability to sniff out and track prey significantly increased the success of hunters. Such major contributions to the health and stability of the hunter-gatherer civilizations eventually earned dogs their own proper names, burials, and families. Predictably, it was not long before dogs became the first domesticated species in the world. Between loyalty, companionship,
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Numerous studies have confirmed that companion ownership of dogs is associated with a wide range of physical, psychological, and social health advantages. An owners age and health do not matter in this case; however, young children, the elderly, and the ill tend to benefit the most from interactions with dogs. One of the more influential and broadly-recognized effects dogs have on humans is within the emotional spectrum. For example, dogs fill a basic need for connection and meaningfulness, both key components for happiness and healthy aging. Although they can improve psychological well-being in almost anyone, dogs produce the largest mental and emotional health improvements primarily in individuals who have mental disabilities, chronic illnesses, or copious amounts of stress. Bradley Smith, in his “The ‘pet effect’,” researches the various health related aspects of companion animal ownership. He confirms, for instance, that dogs provide social support and sense of purpose equal to the effect of human-human relationships, lessening the chance that an owner will develop depression or loneliness (2). This is especially important for individuals with an elevated risk of depression, such as adults who have experienced trauma (e.g., loss of a loved one), patients with chronic or terminal illnesses, or persons with social or physical impairments. Smith also…show more content…
It is often argued that dogs are a health hazard to humans. To illustrate, dogs sometimes carry parasites as well as germs, called zoonotic diseases, that can induce illness in the owner. In some cases, some dogs act extremely violently towards humans, threatening their life. Admittedly, if not handled correctly, dogs can pose a serious threat to a persons’ health and safety. At the same time, however, these cases are rare at large. Dogs will only act violently if they feel threatened, were trained to fight, or if they came from an abusive household. Similarly, keeping up with a dogs’ hygiene and regularly visiting a vet can significantly decreases the chance that an illness or parasite will affect the dog or its owner. A little TLC can go a long way in preventing these

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