Mckenzier And Neiger & Thackeray Chapter 12

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In chapter twelve of Planning, Implementing, & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs, it explains the concept of safety and medical concerns: (McKenzier, J. & Neiger, B. & Thackeray, R., 2017, p. 336) states that planners need to inform participants before they actually can start joining a program. (McKenzier & Neiger & Thackeray, 2017). In fact, I have joined an exercise/cardio program in 2011, which I was monitored under my doctor’s care for a least six months. In addition, I could gain knowledge about how to do an exercise without being hurt.

An article that I have found is relevant in chapter twelve, it explains the detail of how exercise is so important in health. Besides this, we have treadmill, exercise bike, and weightlifting with

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