Melaleuca Refugee Centre Case Study

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Melaleuca Refugee Centre is constituted as a community–controlled, nonprofit organization with non-political or religious affiliation which has been providing services to torture and trauma survivors in Northern Territory, Australia since 1996.The association is one of the members of the forum of Australian services for survivors of Torture and Trauma (FASSTT). The FASSTT is a group of Australia’s eight specialist rehabilitation agencies that helps to reduce the impact of torture and trauma on individuals, families and communities. These agencies helped close to 16,000 individual survivors of torture and trauma from 114 countries speaking 119 languages in Australia in the year 2013/14. The Melaleuca Refugee Centre usually works for resettlement and healing of refugee survivors of torture and trauma, their families and community through confidential, high-quality and holistic services. It was first…show more content…
Keating stated (as cited in Johns and May,1995, p. 386) that the management ideology is mainly concern with managing for results, and the organization should be as clear as possible about what they are trying to achieve, and it should attempt to monitor and evaluate performance and progress. It is to be concerned with efficiency and effectiveness is rarely linked to proposals for increased social intervention. The managerialism also supports the status, influence, identity, ideology and technology of manager. To increase public expenditure and social intervention, effectiveness and efficiency should link to proposals of the organization (Jones & May, 1995, p. 389).The Melaleuca refugee Centre considered to be effective is well positioned to attract resources and responsibility. While managerialism focuses for rationality, the strategies and policy within organization can be taken as wider environmental pressure (Hughes and wearing,
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