Michigan State University Outbreak Case Study

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An Outbreak at the Michigan State University is my next medical investigation. I was called to the campus to investigate the outbreak and all of its victims. There are 9 patients they are suspected to be victims of the outbreak. Sue, Jill, Marco, Maria, Maggie, Alvin, Arnie, Anthony, and Wanda. The patients came into the campus infirmary worried about their symptoms. Each patient has agreed to testing except for Arnie. The patients have similar symptoms but the symptoms were presented in a different way. I thus had to investigate, diagnose, treat, and produce a prevention plan on how to attack this outbreak that is affecting the campus environment. Our first patient is Sue. She is an 18­ year­ old biology major. She just recently moved into a dorm at Michigan state with her roommate Jill. Sue is a committed student ­athlete. Although lately …show more content…

He is a busy reporter for the school newspaper and spends most of his time running around campus covering multiple games at a time. Anthony came into the infirmary with a dry cough, muscle aches, congested sinuses, and a temperature of 100 degrees fahrenheit. Anthony has also been feeling more tired than normal and has a lack of energy. His friend Maria gave him some over the counter cold and flu medicine, but it seemed to have no effect except for it relieved some of his sinus congestion. After running an ELISA on the patient to test for meningitis since it seemed to be common, the results came back negative and we were able to rule out Meningitis. So we ran a BLAST on Anthony’s blood to identify the DNA sequence for the bacteria and diagnose him. The BLAST identified the bacteria that he has to be Influenza B Virus, also known as the flu. To treat the flu, acetaminophen was given to decrease the fever and help with the muscle aches, as well as antiviral medications to fight the virus. Getting lots of rest and drinking lots of fluids will also help his body fight off the virus even

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