Military Shooting Research Paper

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Authorities say four marines were killed in an attack on a military recruiting center, and 3 were injured. The shooting took place a few minutes apart. He sprayed numerous amounts of rounds. The officials were not allowed to release too much information. They had no idea what caused the shooting. The officials were still trying to indicate whether or not someone else was involved in the shooting. When they came and took the shooter into custody the pulled up in police cars, bomb-squad trucks and army trucks packed with armed rein forcers. They closed off all the streets leading up to the street. The president Obama got together an investigation squad. The man who killed him was not on radar or was nobody of importance and wasn’t thought of to do anything like this. …show more content…

He was of the Islamic nation. His name was Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, and he is from Tennessee. It said that it might be an act of terrorism, but there are no clues leads or evidence that he is dangering the public or anyone else had dealings with the murder of the marines. The officials are clueless to why he targeted or choose the recruiting center. Him and his family are not familiar with the residence and people his community. He supposedly graduated from red bank high school and took fighting classes. The gunman fired 50 to 60 rounds at the air force doors and windows. The attacks happen exactly on Old Lee Highway, around10:30 to 10:45. Some of the men who were there fell to the ground and took cover till the shooting was over. The police never said what happened to the suspect, how he died, or who killed him. There were retired men from the marines joining in to help take down the

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