Mold Experiment

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Which Food Will Mold the Fastest? In this experimental project, four foods will be tested to see which one will mold the fastest. The foods that will be used are bread, cheese, milk, and bananas. The purpose of this experiment is to see which of the foods will mold the fastest. In this experiment, the hypothesis is that the milk will mold first, the cheese will mold second, the banana will mold third, and the bread will mold last. Mold is is defined as a growth of fungus that occurs on food or in a home or other moist warm conditions. The four foods that are being used are foods that very commonly obtain mold over time. These foods also can obtain mold very quickly if not stored in the proper circumstances. Mold may come in different forms…show more content…
Most mold dilemmas come from the temperature of the air. Air pollutants such as mold has many opportunities to transport onto foods by air itself, and by fruit flies also commonly known as gnats. Although they may seem micro-like, they can carry a high quantity of germs over time. Molds develop greatly over time, that 's why most people should do things like take out their trash as soon it gets full, and keep their homes as clean as possible. Science Experiment In this experiment, objects like plates to place foods on, gloves to protect hands from mold, a jar like container, and the four listed foods will be needed. The foods must be taken out of the refrigerator and placed into cabinets. Overtime the scientist must look and record data and information about the results. In four days the process will stop and final information and data will be taken down. The experimental purpose is to see which of the foods will mold the fastest. The hypothesis created is that the milk will spoil the fastest because of prior knowledge. As the experiment started on the first day the milk surprisingly the same, the cheese looks fresh as well as the bread and banana. On day two, the milk still surprisingly looks the same, while the banana has started to rot and is already mushy. The cheese becomes wet as if it is dehydrated and the bread looks the same except the crust becomes a little

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