Boarding School In Dead Poets Society

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In modern days, students do not usually go to boarding schools. There are private schools where students may get a “better” education, but they are not sent off to spend more time with teachers rather than their parents. The film Dead Poets Society is set in an all boy boarding school. The students are sent there to “do better”. Does boarding school really make a student better? In this film there is no true proof of that. The students are smart, well rounded, but “sheltered”. They sneak off to do things they are forbidden from. They are even set up with the person they are to be with for maybe the rest of their life. It is very old school, but the movie was set in a time that was old school. There are four main characters; Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Charlie Dalton, and Knox Overstreet. These boys are best friends, they face everything together. I have chosen to analyze Knox Overstreet. Knox is what you could call the calm one. Most of the movie it seems that Knox has a clear head and can stay calm. He does get …show more content…

He was loyal and determined. Knox was loyal to his friends, he would have gone down for them. Well until Neil killed himself and the parents got involved. But before Neil killed himself Knox was a loyal friend. He never told about the Dead Poets Society. He was there for his friends always. Like the others Knox jumped right into except Todd and welcome him even though Todd was not a talker. Then Knox most loyal moments happened at the end. When Mr. Keating (one of the boys’ teachers) was being forced to leave Todd stood on his desk and yelled out “O Captain! My Captain!” Knox was one of the next to stand on his desk even though the head master was standing right there telling the boys not to. The boys learned a lot from Mr. Keating and respected him. The way that they could all show him that was to stand on their desk. Knox knew that would mean a lot to Mr.

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