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The movie was much more detailed than the book, therefore making the movie better. In the movie all the characters spoke and had lines. But, in the book the characters barely even spoke. Also, in the book the author was just stating facts and not showing as much detail or action as in the movie. The movie is much more interesting because in the book, they only really focus on NASA and them working to launch a man into space. In the movie they also focus on the issues with racism and sexism. Therefore, the movie was much more detailed in the book. In my first paragraph my reasoning was that the characters didn 't speak many times in the book. There is no direct quote that shows that the people didn 't speak many times. But, if you read the whole book you will notice that all the characters in total speak only about 4 or 5 times. Speaking 4 to 5 times is very little considering that this book is about 200 pages long. This evidence proves my point because it shows that the book had very little dialogue. When we went to watch the movie there were many characters speaking and a lot of dialogue because it 's a movie and movies have a lot of dialogue. Additionally, in the paragraph above I said that the book was boring because all it did was give facts. ¨In February 1960, as the Space Task Group pushed …show more content…

In conclusion, the movie was much more detailed than the book. In the book all characters had lines to speak. In the book the characters barely spoke. The author of the book was just writing facts in the book. The movie had much more action than the book because the movie was doing much more than stating facts. In the book they only focus on the part of sending a man into space. However, the movie did a very good job in showing all the other problems going on at the time. The movie showed the problems of racism and women equal rights. These reasons are valid because of my logic and evidence in the paragraph above. Overall, I liked the movie better than

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