Multi National Companies Essay

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Growth of Multi-national companies
Multi-national companies spread with globalization due to change in the consumer taste. For the reason of multi-national companies is mainly focused to the cheap labour because company owners used poor countries to establish their companies those type countries because of the cheap labour cost. Since in past, people do their business transactions within the country. By year by year world develop very faster with different ways. And the people also changed with the development of the world, as an example technological development, transportation development. These types of development in the world affect to the growth of multi-national companies because for the companies these types of development gave the easy way to do their business transactions with
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That is the most important point of the business because if the business wants to be success they want profits. Businesses must always stay with the customers because in all over the world there are different people. Different people have different ideas and different consumer tastes. In a Business people must identify those types of consumer taste to involve to the business market. Consumer taste and preferences differentiates with the globalization. With the globalization people get more opportunity to take goods and services. Globalization changed with the technology and many other factors. In ancient times people doesn’t have more consumer taste to choose what they want. But with the globalization businesses grown and the products also get improved with the technology and many ways. Now days the people lived with a busy schedule in their lives, people also globalized. People always try to do their life easy by purchasing good products with more facilities and ect. It changed with the globalization. Consumer taste changed time to time mostly with the rapid change in technological
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