My Father Changed My Life As An Immigrant

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Growing up my family was not wealthy, but I was very fortunate my father was a hard-working man with high morals and values. Being an immigrant of the state, he quickly learned he needed to make an income for himself. Very few places would hire him and give him above minimum wage salary. Therefore, he builds his own business as an electric repair man. Obtaining the skills, he had learned as a boy in his hometown helped my father become successful in his small business. However, not everyone is as fortunate to obtain curtain skills or be capable to learn at fast speeds. My father passes away when I was 13-years-old, nevertheless, he impacted my life in many ways. One was by being a good role model to my siblings and I. He always helped people out when he noticed they struggled. He …show more content…

If they needed help getting back on their feed, he would purchase a month’s worth of groceries for their families to give them the state of mind that their family will have warm food to eat each day. I admired his character very much. It was not until a year ago when I faced my own financial struggle. I moved in with my bf had just lost my job and we faced not facing funds to pay for the basic necessities like water or food. I spend many nights crying and praying to my God that he supplies us with the resources we needed to pull through from the hardship. It was around thanksgiving when I finally decided to text my 3 siblings and ask for help. On thanksgiving day we all gathered at my mom’s house and my siblings handed me an envelope containing $3,000 they gathered together to help us out. That day it was clear we may have lost my father years ago but the best part of him is still living in each one of us. For Birthdays we make it a ritual to make a basket of gift cards to each other. It includes gas card, grocery store card, subway card, and

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