My Leadership Philosophy Essay Examples

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Leadership in my definition is being able to successfully lead anyone into a future of success while lending a hand and trying to help anyone in their path. Throughout my life I 've met and come across many people who have displayed leadership to others. When we think of leaders, it 's typical to think of Barack Obama, Joan of Arc, or Julius Caesar. Of course these people demonstrated history making leadership skills, however, in a small town like Stockbridge I witness a leader first hand every time I come home. My mother is a leader who continuously and persistently displays amazing leadership skills to my siblings, my father, and friends. My mother plays a large role in me developing as a person. For example, around 2 years ago at a church meeting. The president for our event could not show up. With chaos around us, my mother stood…show more content…
She displays her leadership skills and listens to everyone and what they have to say. She attempts to lead us into a better future. My mother thinks of the problem and sees a solution, not another problem. This type of thinking has made me rethink what a leader is. My definition of a perfect leader is my mother, she not only influenced me to be the student I am today, but she helps my siblings think the same way. She helps my dad work to support us. She continues going to church and is praised for the amounts of hospitality she brings to the table. In conclusion, my mother will forever be the ideal leader in my mind. She is the reason I do everything for. I go to school everyday in pursuit of a better education and a better future for the both of us. She’s sculpted me into the young leader I am today. I show off her skills on daily basis to my peers and to my teachers. She 's motivated to get this far in life, and I promised I will never let her down. It is safe to say that I have never met a greater leader than my
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