My Writing Class Analysis

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This semester’s class has been very writing intensive for me, as opposed to previous University Seminar courses. However, that is not necessarily a negative comment. In fact, I have learned and enjoyed strengthening my skills in several areas. I am able to understand what the Brontë sisters major themes and life lessons are, and apply it to the present day. Issues about all things be equally treated, different social classes and how they act, what true love looks like. I have a stronger grasp on taking what is printed in a book, and seeing how it fits in our everyday lives. I have a greater understanding of academic writing, and the components that go into creating a well written paper. I believe that my writing skills were always above average, however, …show more content…

These aspects of writing, focused on my grammar, which was necessarily when writing a successful paper. The faculty of the library were very generous with their assistance on helping me find secondary sources for my research paper. She spent time looking through different articles, as well as picking out books that were suitable for my topic. This writing experience as a whole has been a bit strenuous. The amount of papers assigned was rather high than other classes. At times, it was difficult and time consuming,on the other hand, I did not mind it.
Academic writing is a lot different from free writing, or creative writing, which I thoroughly enjoy. I am not particularly interested in reading novels, and having to write a research paper, analyzing the works of the authors. I do have a better understanding of what the professor is looking for in a formal paper now than I did before. MLA format, grammar, sentence structure, contractions, all matter. Dr. de la Motte really reinforced how crucial these concepts are in academic writing, thus making me pay closer to attention to

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