Myers Briggs Personality Traits

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There are many people who has different personalities and at times, they do not have the same point of views. This somehow is a communication barrier that reduces clear understanding among people. The Meyers Briggs Personality test helps people to determine their traits as well as mine. This is beneficial because it helps an individual to understand the people they interact with on a daily basis. Before I take the personality test, I can honestly say that I consider myself as determine, trustworthy, and compassionate individual as well as having empathy for others. Nevertheless, after taking the personality test, I have learned that my personality type is ISFJ and upon reading about this type of personality, I must say that I am a good person. I believe the Myers Briggs Personality test is accurate base of my experience with the test. The test is similar to my personality in so many way. For example, the test states that ISFJ seek meaning and connection with ideas, conscientious and committed to firm values, organized and decisive in implementing their vision. These characteristic are myself and I was surprise to know that a test like this makes me aware of who I really is. These are just…show more content…
I realize that I honor commitment, and preserve tradition. These are very important to me because it keeps me on track to manage my lifestyle. Moreover, the test has changed my interaction with other because in the initial state of a conversation, I begin to wonder about the person’s personality. This will help me to be very wary, of how I communicate with others because the person might have different preferences. As a result, I respect people’s feeling and care about how they would feel if I say something the wrong way. In closing, the Meyers Briggs Personality Test will help me to have greater respect for the people I will come in contact with in my future
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