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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helped me learn more about myself as my role as a parent, employee, a boss, and a friend. I’m practical, traditional and organized. I have clear visions of the way I want things to be or how they should be, like to be in charge and value security and peace. EXTRAVERTED I am very opinioned person who like to be in authority. I have a better insight of what careers I am best suited for. Some of the careers identified were, detective, managers, judge, and teachers. My role also taught me about my relationship with my family putting God first, family second, and friends third. It showed I 'm dedicated to building lifelong relationships, I like to be in charge and have a tendency of being controlling and have very little patience, and having a high regard to traditions. I like stability being secured and, protective of my family. SENSOR I 'm compatible with ISTP and INTP. I like expressing my feelings to rather they are good or bad, introverts need time to be alone at times to gather their thoughts. We think differently as a Senor I want specific information and an Intuitive will find many ways answer a question. (Kroger& Rutledge). This is something that I will have to work on. I take parenting seriously and expect to raise my …show more content…

I want others to be on time and do the right thing at all times. Organization behavior “is a study how behaviors are within the organization”. Managers have the technical skills to do the job but lack interpersonal skills. An example that was given in the reading “People are technically proficient but interpersonally incompetent. I learned that I have the interpersonal skills and technical skills to perform my role. I learned how to utilize my strengths. Which identified me as are a natural leader who likes to take charge, I’m a hard worker, dependable, set clear standards, I’m straight forward, honest, good at many different things, like helping others, and like

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