Napoleon Bonaparte Hero Or Tyrant

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Can one be viewed as both a hero and a tyrant? In the case of Napoleon Bonaparte, it is difficult to differentiate between a savior of the values of the French Revolution and another absolute ruler of the French people. The Revolution strove to embody enlightenment ideals by establishing representative forms of government and giving the people equal fundamental rights. As the Revolution became radical, corrupt, and chaotic, the people of France turned to Napoleon as a potential leader. His actions as ruler of France preserved several of the enlightenment ideals that sparked and developed from the Revolution. One of his major accomplishment, the Napoleonic Code, succeeded in promoting equality and liberty. Secondly, he created a society where high positions were given to people of talent rather than people of noble birth. Lastly, he spread the Revolution throughout Europe by establishing new policies and constitutions in the countries …show more content…

He also established a meritocratic society that granted all citizens equal opportunity to advance in society. Not only did he preserve the Revolution’s ideals, but he also spread it throughout Europe by abolishing old systems and creating constitutional monarchies. Although Napoleon was a controversial ruler, he preserved the ideals of Revolution by creating the Napoleonic Code, establishing a meritocracy, and restructuring society and government throughout Europe. In analyzing the many achievements political policies of Napoleon, one finds the accomplishments of both a hero and a tyrant. His accomplishments and character can not truly be defined into one identification, but he ultimately was able to preserve certain important values of the Revolution that may have otherwise succumbed to chaos. Had no leader emerge from the chaos of the Revolution, there would have been no guaranteed preservation of its most important

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