Narrative Essay: The Happiest Place On Earth

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The Happiest Place on Earth
“Hey Zach and Lauren, come down here your father and I would like to see you”, my mom’s voice echoed from down stairs. “Be down in a sec”, I replied, closing my math textbook starting for the stairs. It was the last week before mid-winter break and my sister and I could hardly wait for the break off school. I was in the first grade and I’m currently six years old living with my sister, mom, and dad in Canton, Michigan where the snow was starting to come down. My lil’ sis’ and I planned on going outside in the snow all week, but apparently my parents had other plans. When I arrived in the kitchen I saw I was the last to arrive as my sister had beaten me down the stairs, and the three were sitting at the table waiting for me. “We wanted to talk to you guys about what we're doing over break”, my father explained, “your
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This time, after going on rides that I thought would be scary but ended up being fun, I said I would go with my dad and he seemed proud. He told me that there was nothing to be worried about but still I was scared of not being able to see while getting whipped around in the black, dark room. We waited in line while enjoying playing a video game made into the line. It made the line seem a lot shorter than it was so when we got towards the front, I was surprised to see that we’d been waiting for over an hour. We got in to the ride and it took off. We went up a lighted ramp to the top until we entered the huge dark room. The coaster cars started twisting and turning violently and unexpectedly since it was impossible to see. When we finally finished the ride, my dad looks over expecting to see a terror-ridden face. On the contrary, and to his surprise, I held a happy grin and an excited smile grew on my face. “That was awesome!”, I said. It was awesome, and when we exited the building and found my mom and sister waiting, I told them how cool the ride

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