Narrative Speech About Softball

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“Rodriguez, get off the field!”, these words stabbed through my heart like a dull knife through leather. Since the first practice I attended Softball has always been my life. I look back at my twelve years of experience there was one say that specifically stands out. Not even the the days where I hit my first home run or made my first diving play stand out. For many many years I was always seen as the player the team called on to pull the team out of a rut. To make things a bit more complicated my high school coach had been my coach my entire softball career. He knew how I thought, how i played, and really molded me into the player I am today. I soon graduated from my little league summer softball to the competitive nature of highschool ball. As a freshman I knew I was going to be overlooked. Too much of my surprise I was placed on varsity for my pitching abilities. This only fueled my passion. Not only was I on the team but I played! Can you imagine the other team looking at the roster and finding out then were going to let at thirteen year old freshman pitch to their nineteen year old senior batters? They laughed at me until they stepped in the batters box. The year passed and our senior pitcher graduated bumping me into the starting position. This is where we knew we would start a legacy. Yet again we were the powerhouse of the western slope.Our success was spreading quickly and more and more players and coaches wanted to join! My junior year was our strongest

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