Causes Of Natural Disaster Essay

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Natural Disaster

What is natural disaster? How does it occur? How does natural disaster affects our life? Any phenomenon that happens in nature that can cause severe damage to our environment, economic losses and even death is known as a natural disaster. Natural disaster happens all over the world uncontrollably and causes loss in some way. There is nowhere we can hide or prevent the occurrence of natural disaster. However, the effect of natural disaster depends on the area and the time it landed. Therefore, we can conclude that natural disaster happens in nature and can cause direct or indirect impact to our daily life.
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According to the, mentioned that convergent boundaries that required in the formation of the volcanic eruption was the place where the plate that shift gentle crash together and the edge of the continental plate was folded into a mountain range while the edge of the oceanic plate has bent downward. As the oceanic plate collides in the process called subduction, the heavier plate of the two submerges beneath the lighter into the mantle. The subduction causes some of the rocks above the subduction zone to melt and the magma will rise up leads to the formation of the volcanic eruption. Besides that, the two section of the earth 's crust, known as tectonic plate will result in an earthquake was stated in the article, "Report: Tsunami-Inducing Earthquake Caused By Extinct Undersea Volcanoes.", owned to the Renee Lewis. This occur due to the folding and bending of the oceanic plate makes rock in both plates breaks and slip, it will results in the occurrence of the underwater earthquakes. In short, the underwater volcanic eruption is a severing natural phenomenon which can cause severe effect such as loss of submarine organisms due to the underwater

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