Persuasive Essay About Video Games

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Video games have been parents’ on true enemy for many years. They believe that they’re “melting your eyes” and “making you dumber.” But, if you look at them at a different perspective, you may find that they can do the opposite. Many people think that video games can only harm children and teenagers, and yes, that is true, but only if they play them for an unhealthy amount of time each day. If you spend a healthy, reasonable length of time on video games, they can have a number of positive effects on you. Video games can benefit you because they can significantly expand areas of gray matter in the brain, help people work better in a team, and help people perform spatial and visual tasks easier. First of all, video games can have a positive …show more content…

When considering the choice of whether video games are good for you, the choice should definitely be yes. Although video games can have many damaging effects, like poorer grades in school, this is dependent on how many hours students spend on video games each day. If you spend a healthy amount of time playing video games, and also spend some time doing something else, then they can have a beneficial effect on you. If my claim is not listened to, many parents and teacher will still believe that video games are only doing harm to kids and students, but they can also do a number of good as well. Many parents and adults believe that video games are a waste of time, but if you look at games other than first person shooter games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you can find some that are very challenging and make the player keep trying until they get it right, require the player to use their wits, and force them to cooperate with their team. When someone says video games are only a waste of time and that people should be doing something else with their lives, you should tell them what video games can really be and what they can do for

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