Nephrology Summary

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In the Nephrology nursing journal by Kimberly Davis, she explains the difference between home hemodialysis and in-center dialysis being different approaches, regarding how patients should receive treatment for kidney failure. Home hemodialysis is for patients who want to make their own decisions regarding their care at home, by simply completing a course to receive treatment. In- center dialysis requires the use of nurses, technical staff, and transportation to and from the dialysis center every week. Both treatments are very helpful, but home hemodialysis is an alternative that saves patients and nurses, not to mention patients will have the ability to make a convenient schedule to receive treatment, not having to depend on friends and …show more content…

Some patients do not have the chance of having a family member to transport them to and from a dialysis center. Having to deal with this, can cause more stress towards the patient and family. As Davis (2013) explained " the patient expressed that he was at the mercy of inconsistent caregivers, infrequent visits from his physician, and resistance from staff when he made suggestions" ( p291-292. 2p). Patients should not have to deal with that kind of pressure, it is already enough having to go through treatment every day. With hemodialysis patients are able to become more independent in treating their disease. Patients shouldn 't have to feel to put a burden on their family to be taken care of. Having the home hemodialysis doesn 't only help patients, but the family as well. Moreover, Davis (2013) noted that despite home hemodialysis benefiting patients, "With quality teaching principles and good training resources, patients can even make Nephrology nurses’ lives easier because of their increased independence" ( p291-292. 2p). Nurses taking the role of assisting patients on principle bases on their treatment help nurses eventually give the independence of treating themselves without help. Furthermore, not only does this make nurses job easier, but if needed help with hemodialysis less Nephrology nurses are needed. This treatment also benefits the nurses as well as the

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