Nike, Inc.: A Case Study: Nike Company

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Nike Corporation
Nike, Inc. is a multinational corporation that is involved in design, manufacturing, development, sales and marketing of footwear, equipment, apparel, and services. Nike is the leading supplier of apparel and athletic shoes and is a leading brand based in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike’s mission is to deliver innovation and inspiration to every athlete globally (Merk, 2008). The mission is all about satisfying the customers with its products worldwide. Moreover, the company aims to adopt business practices to secure intergenerational life quality, reinstate the environment, and escalate the value for their customers, corporate partners, and shareholders.
Nike sells performance equipment including sports balls, eyewear, skates, timepieces,
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Nike converted the shoe industry (athletic) using innovations, but presently many individuals understand the enterprise by its sports celebrities and flashy ads. Therefore, the consumers most likely would ask if the company is a technology company or a marketing one. Nike has transformed from production-oriented company to a marketing-oriented one with their product being their marketing tool. The corporation has in the past collected sufficient information about the importance of marketing its product as the most important thing it should do (Gereffi, 2002). However, Nike needs to do more than sell its products and ensure higher customer satisfaction and improved customer experience. More data should be collected on the market performance of the various Nike products and its associated customer…show more content…
When analyzing the internal company environment, it is crucial to ensure that the organization becomes very successful, but it’s crucial to check areas that require closer attention so that they stay ahead of competition.
9. Do we promote and otherwise reward people for learning?
Nike promotes learning through offering opportunities for personal and professional development. The company publishes a training and development syllabus for employees to alert them of available opportunities. Employees are encouraged to learn and practice leadership, communication, and mutual respect (Merk, 2008). The company encourages workers to undertake further training in forums such as the annual education fair. The company also helps expand employee skills through a mentoring program that enables employee growth and development, and rewards employees for learning by promoting from within.
Nike is currently focusing on marketing efforts for its sports footwear lines. Nike should also expand marketing efforts to the casual footwear line. The company had adopted differentiation, and it should continue to encourage cutting-edge technology development, which will allow designing of new product and shoes and create a diverse product
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