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No friends Very lonely No one likes me The household that I came from was not very good or positive. My father was not around very much, and not for work. Even though we lived with him. I had just moved to poughkeepsie when i was 10yr old. I was in 5th grade at violet avenue elementary school. At this time, I had no friends and was not seen as an ordinary kid. People made rumors about me, not to mention that I had severe anger problems. I always kept to myself, did not really talk to anyone. Always got into fights which made my situation a lot worse. Their was a time when all my peers watched me provoke a fight, out of anger. The kid got severely hurt. In retrospect, it was very embarrassing and now i know that it was the wrong to do. …show more content…

Eventually I graduated elementary school. Due to my behavior going into Haviland Middle school i was put into special needs classes. Still I felt that I had no friends,very lonely, and no one liked me. The reason why I had no friends is because i had abandoning issues. I did not really want to talk to anyone is because I was really afraid that someone would give me that abandoning feeling again. Being very lonely was not easy to deal with. I chose to be lonely because I liked to keep to myself. Also I had a hard time trusting others because of my issues, so I kept pushing anyone away that would tried to communicate with me including teachers. Now kids did not like me because i moped over my problems in school. I also had a derogatory dominor. So I was seen as the weirdo in school, also adding the rumors. Although there was one child in particular that would not give up trying to communicate with me (get my attention). All I can was ignoring him, I kept hearing my name constantly everyday the same time and at the same place. The kids name was Jack. Everyday that kept calling my name, on the stairway everyday. But all I have done was ignoring him, I looked back every time my name was called and

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