Personal Narrative: My Mom Changed My Life

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I could Say my fist memory was walking to the kitchen and seeing my mom cooking. She was a great cook, but this is how it all began, I was born in New Jersey in a hot summer day, my mother decided to go to the beach a month before her due date, and even though they told her the waves were pretty strong, she went anyways and when that first wave hit her she went into labor. Then we moved to the Dominican Republic.
I was always the protected child, not only I was the only girl, but I was the youngest. And just as easy as it was to get away with stuff, it was easier to get into more trouble. I began school at the age of three; I don’t remember any of it but according to my mother I was a very smart girl and had already learned how to read and somewhat write, so the school system sent me to first grade, I was always the youngest yet taller kid in the classroom. It was the worst.
After fifth grade the school system did not allow me to take sixth grade and moved me on to seven grade, I thought that was the greatest thing …show more content…

In my rebellious teen years I decided that I was not going to church, I would fake it. I would say that I was going and instead I will stay outside talking to friends. At the beginning I thought that was the life style I wanted to follow, but then everything changed. Events started happening and each one open my eyes a bit more. At the age of 22 I started hanging around the wrong group of people, started drinking and behaving in a way I never did before. One night, on New Year 's Eve I believe, we were all together, had a couple drinks and decided to go out to celebrate the New Year 's to come at an establishment instead of the house. On the way there we saw this couple guys in the car next to us, and they started to look at us in a rude way and wanted to race, so of course we decided to go at it, why not,

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