New England Academy Application Essay Examples

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In many cases, students dislike going to school, especially if they have had a dreadful experience. Whether they have been bullied, having difficulties with their academics, or just plainly dissatisfied with what their school has to offer to them; nearly every student is struggling within the school system. However, a significant group of children located in the North Shore community are granted an amazing, one-on-one education at New England Academy. Fortunately, I was included and accepted into this selective group. The knowledge, skills, and opportunity that New England Academy has provided me, throughout my high school years, has impacted my way on how to approach the world for my transition into college and the vast, bright future ahead. For five years, I had been enrolled in my public school district in my home state, New Hampshire. Throughout my middle school years, I found myself struggling to survive everyday in silence due to being severely teased enough to be driven into frustration and isolation. I had no hope nor interest for my future, and nearly had given up everything. By ninth grade, I had become fed up and had no chance to grow as an individual. However, New England Academy had appeared …show more content…

Many of my peers like to call New England Academy a “bubble” that surrounds each student, in order to protect and raise us towards greatness to come. Knowing this, I appreciate this metaphor because without even noticing it, the little moments that happen as soon as you pass those doors can impact your life tremendously. Being a student here had opened my eyes and entrusted me to take the very best out of things. Although this school may feel shielded the first year or so to some of us, by the last few years an individual begins to accept and develop the desire to venture out, and New England Academy will do their very best to help any student achieve their

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