No Mas Bebes Documentary Analysis

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No Mas Bebes
The film “No Mas Bebes” documents stories of individuals involved in the Sterilization of racial minorities in Los Angles. These individuals range from the women whom got sterilized, the whistleblower Doctor, the Doctor in charge of the board, and the Lawyer hired for the Lawsuit against the hospital. In the interview, all of the women whom got sterilized did not give proper informed consent to get sterilized. They were put under pressure by the Nurse or the Doctor and unknowingly gave their signature, the papers were written in English not Spanish. The whistleblower expressed how prior to working for the hospital, he never was exposed to such a degree of racism. He also talked about how he was going to lose his job because he gave patient information to a third party, leading to the …show more content…

That is to say, in the political context, the president warned of the “race between food and population growth.” In his Malthusian perspective, there were more people giving birth than food production. Furthermore, the U.S. government also wanted to save tax money, and so they resorted to Biopolitics. In the racial context, the Latinos were thought to be bearing too many children. Because they were sterilized due their racial and economic status, the Latino Women suffered the result of Eugenic science.
The context differed for the Puerto Rican Women in La Operacion. Though mass sterilization still occurred, the women in Puerto Rico still had more consent. Though some may have not been completely aware of how sterilization would affect their body, the women still knew they were getting sterilized. However, the Mexican women in LA were not aware at all. In LA, the hospital staff was charged for their misconduct. As opposed to in Puerto Rico, there were many different factions accused. The U.S. government was accused for sterilization and pro-feminists played a

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