Comparing Test Data Between The Principal Corp Program And The Cohort Program

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In order to be able to compare test data between the principal corp program and the cohort program, I first had to eliminate any students who did not have a full set of test data. I deleted entire rows of students, even if the student was only missing one cell worth of data. I then moved all the data up within the spread sheet in order to not leave any gaps between the data. I then copied the total score data for the principal corp students and pasted it onto another Excel spread sheet file. I did the same for the cohort students’ total score data.
I also chose to run a t-test comparison between the two sets of students on the number of questions they answered correct in the category of ethics and integrity. I followed the same procedures as the total score data in order to copy and paste the number answered correctly data. Even though I was not comparing total scores to number correct scores, I was careful to ensure the numbers corresponded to the correct students.
Once the data was ran through the Excel program, the results were put into two different tables; the first table was the results of the …show more content…

The p-value for the total score t-test was 0.01179. This data shows the results were significant and did not happen by chance. In order to confirm our p-value as accurate, the t-statistic value was 2.65308 which met and exceeded the t-critical value of 2.02809. This solidifies the results as indicating a significant difference between the two sets of total scores data between the principal core students and the cohort students. The p-value for the number of correct answers was 0.09288. This p-value indicates no significant difference between the two sets of data. The t-critical value for the number correct t-test was 2.0117 and the t-statistic was 1.71525. The t-statistic did not meet the t-critical value and therefore, the data also confirms there is no significance between the scores.

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