Nursing Home Abuse Essay

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Nursing Home Abuse Not Just a Staffing Issue
For years the term nursing home abuse has been used to indicate when one or more members of staff are caught physically abuse the residents. This is absolutely reprehensible behavior that should result in instant dismissal and in most if not all cases prosecution. In fact, one out of every five nursing home residents has experienced some form of physical or verbal abuse, according to a Weill Cornell Medicine study conducted by Dr. Mark Lachs and his colleagues.
Bear in mind that while most nursing home abuse cases involve the patient and at least one member of staff, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here again, due to the publicity of the cases represent by Houston personal injury …show more content…

Department of Health and Human Services states that approximately 5 million seniors suffer from some form of neglect, elder abuse, or exploitation each year. These numbers are absolutely abhorrent and continue to increase each year. It is thought that for every case of elder abuse that actually gets reported, another 23 do not.
These numbers are not only frightening, after all, we trust the care of our aging loved ones to these nursing homes and assisted living facilities, but they are also shocking and something needs to be done. Lachs and his team say a number of simple changes such as improved lighting, reduced noise levels, and safer environments for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease might help. All of these can help lower aggravation levels and trigger points that cause residents to verbally and yes even physically attack each other or members of staff.
When it comes to the staff in these nursing homes and assisted living facilities, more training is definitely needed. Most if not all staff members, from the CNAs who provide routine personal care to the nurses and doctors, are extremely good at what they do. They are highly dedicated, love their jobs and their residents. But all could use more training in areas such as how to properly respond to yelling residents, one of the more common issues in many nursing homes in which those with dementia are cared

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