Oak Street Health Reflection

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After interning at Oak Street Health for seven weeks, I found that I have many strengths that can play important roles in my future career success. First, my personality as an organized person allows me to plan and complete tasks quickly while collaborating with other individuals. I am good at getting job done, being flexible to new ideas and respecting other people and their culture. For example, I have set deadlines to initiate, implement, and review a patient engagement survey I conducted. I think I have been able to conduct the activities and manage time wisely.
I believe multicultural sensitivity that I demonstrate as an individual is one of other strengths that I am able to contribute towards the mission of the clinic. As I have the knowledge of social and psychological needs of older adults, I am able to interact with patients at Oak Street very well. Taking surveys and welcoming patients to share their ideas, I have
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I have realized that I will have to further develop interpersonal and leadership skills to succeed in a future career as a healthcare professional. My development needs are in the area of expressing my opinions. I tend to share facts comfortably with other professionals; however, I feel less confident sharing my opinions without having gathered some evidence. Also, I found the need to learn about the electronic health record software. Oak Street Health uses the system to keep track of operational activities such as patient health needs.
In conclusion, I think that multicultural sensitivity, research skills, time management, familiarity with social and psychological needs of older adults, and good relation with staff members have been my strengths while I need to improve my leadership skills. Also, I think I will need to learn about the electronic health record software such as Greenway because most health care organizations use similar
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