VEI Strengths And Weaknesses

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Throughout this year in VEI I have grow in my abilities to understand the ins and outs of business, as well as working alongside others. One of my strengths in VEI would be my ability to understand a task and follow through making it a finished product. A prime example of this would be our designing of the company handbook. When we first started the project I took charge researching and creating a template for what our hand book would look like. After I understood what had to be done I was able to inform the rest of my table and further delegate the work amongst them. As we went through the handbook we faced problems, such as certain key aspects of handbooks that maybe didn’t fit for a VEI company. I was able to redesign parts of the handbook, until we had a finished product. Another one of my strengths would be my ability to communicate with others well. As part of the administration department which seems to be the invisible backbone of a company. We don’t spend as much time working with other departments maybe as other departments do. This hasn’t stunted my growth with the other employees in the firm. I have daily conversations…show more content…
I learned that when I am attempting to complete a task for the company I try to please everyone. When working on the company business plan I know personally that I was trying to do the best that I could in order to make sure everyone was happy with the results. In the second semester I will work to improve this weakness by finishing a project how I see fit then asking for critique afterwards. Another weakness I battle with is being too critical of myself. While creating the fundraiser presentation for the class I worry how they’ll think of me while I’m up there. I know my presentation is fine, but it’s all in my head. During the second semester I will work towards just doing the project and giving it my all no matter what people
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