Ocbc Bank Case Study

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Loan product offerings and its related services (OCBC) Discuss the fact findings approach used The fact finding approach that I have used for my research is to visit the OCBC bank. During my visit, I have found out that their loan products are being categorized into 2 main categories which are personal and corporate loans. For personal loans, loans are further classified into personal and Home & Property loans. Personal Loans For personal loans, they are usually smaller loans for personal use. Their personal loans include cash loans, car financing and study loans. There are three different types of loans for car financing which includes new car financing, used car financing and car refinancing. There are loans where borrowers get their cash directly from OCBC to purchase a vehicle. In return, they will…show more content…
It includes collateral-free loans, commercial property loans, equipment and machinery financing, business receivable financing, overseas financing and business purchase financing. Collateral-free loans consists of business first loan, business term loan and business overdraft loan. They are unsecured loans for borrowers to finance their business. Business first loans are loans that give your business a head start and it has a loan approval of within one day. Business term loans on the other hand provides businesses with immediate funds for financing. Businesses can make repayment in monthly basis for up to 5 years. Business overdraft provides a revolving line for maximum flexibility with access to funds whenever the business needs it and interests are being charged based on outstanding funds. Commercial property loan is a form of secured loan where collateral is needed. It provides you with the funds to own a commercial space for your business needs with financing of up to 80% of purchase

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