Old Hickory's War Summary

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David and Jeanne Heidler, Old Hickory’s War Andrew Jackson and the Quest for Empire, goes in depth with the unpleasant encounters, disloyalties, and misunderstanding that provides a clear story during this time in History. The Heidler presents a narrative of the dominant figure Andrew Jackson and his determination to execute his goals and involvement in the political and military system. After the War of 1812, Jackson was known as a hero and he continues to gain fame with his successful defeat of the Creek and Seminole war. The battles resulted in the invasion of Spanish Florida and the expansion of the United States. The main purpose of this book is to show Jackson involvement during the historic time. The Hidlers provide research and developed their own conclusion to show Jackson character and his vision for American. Jackson goal was to destroy his opponents in his initiative to advance his …show more content…

In order to for the Heidler to prove their theory, they first focus on Jackson war victories that had given him a powerful status and a war hero. They have developed multiple conclusion of this historical period. Starting from the following years of War of 1812 and leading into the Creek war. Jackson had successfully led his militia into the Creek war of 1813- 1814. The start of the war was due to American extension into the Creek territory. In response, Shawnee carried a message of aggressive nativism that threaten the American expansion plans. Shawnee leader Tecumseh visit had resulted into a spiritual rebirth it “urged a spiritual cleaning and a material purging that recognized the agent’s activities as only the latest of many problems” (11). Tecumseh and his brother Tuckabatchee joined the Shawnee raids and killed several white men which resulted in retaliation and the start of Creek War. The authors believed that the war would have started with or without the visit of Tecumseh. The fear of American expansion not only affected the Native

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