Online Communication Advantages And Disadvantages

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication (2008), Bang the Table[online]. Available from: [Accessed 5 April 2017]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication is an online article listing several advantages and disadvantages of the Internet communication technology. The author classifies the disadvantages of online communication into 8. These disadvantages can be used to compare with the advantages found in other sources so as to strengthen the topic in my essay.

In detail, 8 aspects are text-based, no physical cues, information overload, threads, time lag, inefficient and directionless. High reliance on text can become a challenge for people who are not familiar with typewriting or are not used to pressing buttons on the keyboard. Misunderstanding can be made in that lack of facial expressions and body languages during online communicating. It is hard to determine whether the information is useful as there is too much information on the Internet. Also, it is easier for online users to stray away from the original topic. Online information is updating constantly at every time. Therefore no one has enough time to look through every information on the Internet. In addition, typing usually takes longer than verbal conversation, and people who usually surf on the Internet rarely have time to contact with others in the reality. Moreover, too much information on the Internet

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