Oral Roberts Honor Code Analysis

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The Oral Roberts Honor Code can be summarized as a set of rules that we as Christians should follow strictly. It tells us what is right and what is wrong in a Christian standpoint. The purpose of the honor code is for us students to sign off on a set of rules, and as a Christian or as a human being when you sign a document you must stay true to your word and follow what is on that document. It also sets a standard that ORU students need to act out, therefore setting us apart, putting ourselves on a different level than public universities. Not necessarily being better than them, but not taking part in their worldly activities. The honor code, in my mind, gives a basis on what an ideal Christian should be on, talking about growing in spirit, staying healthy, not taking part in worldly things, and just being open to listen to God and take leaps of faith to see what God has planned for you and your life. The “pledge” that stands out to me is number three “I Pledge to develop …show more content…

My friends after high school were going out doing illegal things in private, but not getting caught and they invited me. I could have easily snuck out of the house and go hang out with them and I would still be friends with them today. I knew not hanging out with them they would tease me about it and think of me differently thinking that I am better than them, but I knew in my gut that staying home was the better option of the two. The dilemma I was in was either go out and participate in illegal activities that I would not have gotten caught for, but I would have to live with the guilt lying to my parents that I did not do anything the night before even though I did wrong things; so I chose to do the right thing because something was telling me to stay indoors that night, and even though I lost all those friends I gained better ones that are good influences on me and make me a better person every

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