Outcome Based Education: Outcome-Based Education

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OUTCOMES BASED EDUCATION: A FOCUSED EDUCATION Abstract: Outcome-based education, an execution based methodology at the bleeding edge of educational modules improvement, offers a capable and engaging method for transforming and overseeing building instruction. Outcomes based education (OBE) is a process that involves the restructuring of curriculum, assessment and reporting practices in education to reflect the achievement of high order learning and mastery rather than the accumulation of course credits” (Tucker, 2004). Accordingly the essential point of OBE is to encourage craved changes inside the learners, by expanding information, creating abilities and/or decidedly affecting demeanors, qualities and judgment. OBE typifies the possibility…show more content…
Malan (2000) analyzed past educational reforms that influenced OBE and identified the following:  Tyler’s educational objectives In 1950 Tyler identified fundamental issues important when developing and planning instruction, including purpose, content, organization and evaluation. He believed objectives were essential for systematic planning and identifying the required learner behaviour post instruction as well as the content and context to apply it within. His curriculum design approach continued to influence teaching for several decades and the basic philosophy for outcomes based design is rooted there (Arjun, 1998 cited in Malan, 2000)  Bloom’s mastery learning Bloom taxonomies for educational objectives emerged in the 1950s and helped to determine whether learners had attained acceptable standards compared to desired learning outcomes. His mastery learning theory was based on the premise that with sufficient opportunities and support from an appropriate learning environment most learners are successful in their learning tasks. This notion is reflected in OBE. Other characteristics of mastery learning…show more content…
Utilization of a result based model can highlight disregarded ranges. Self-directed learning: Outcome based instruction urges understudies to assume more liability for their own learning. It furnishes understudies with a reasonable structure which permits them to arrange their studies and to gage their advancement through the educational programs. Flexibility: Outcome based training is a conceivably adaptable methodology. It doesn't direct the type obviously conveyance or the instructive methodology. Alterations can be set aside a few minutes to the instructive procedure gave that the progressions proposed can be legitimized regarding the predetermined learning results. OBE Principles Four principles guide the transformational OBE approach, taken together they strengthen the conditions for both learner and teacher
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