Overuse Injuries In High School Sports

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19 year old McCaan Utu recently murdered his mother and brother, but his friends and family members said the McCaan they knew would never do that. In 2013, McCaan was playing basketball for Plano West High School when he was injured with a concussion, and later he had another concussion in 2014. After both concussions friends and family said his personality changed negatively. School sports are too dangerous because athletes are pressured to play aggressive and through pain, which can have a negative effect on their future. School sports have begun to be too competitive which has caused kids to play more and to play more aggressive. Some may say only a couple of sports are dangerous, like football or basketball, but sports like running and tennis don’t put the athlete at a huge risk for injury. However, in any sport there’s danger of being injured. Any kid who plays any sport often has a big risk for an injury. Over the past years, kids have began to play sports more often and for a longer amount of time, which has caused the amount of overuse injuries to sky rocket. Currently, overuse injuries make up over half of all injuries that occur in all high school sports. Playing too much can cause overuse injuries which can cause problems later in life. Overuse injuries can cause problems in running,…show more content…
During practice in August 2015, a 16 year old from Riverhead, New York developed heat stroke and was rushed to the hospital. In the hospital he suffered a 108° fever and severe kidney damage. He then spent the next five weeks in the hospital before he was released. If the coach had given them more water breaks or called off practice because it was too hot, he may have been fine. Missing five weeks of school put him behind the other students, and his life was in danger most likely because he felt too much pressure to tell the coach what was
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