Describe The Typical Functional Areas In An Organization

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1.1. Prepare a report describing the typical functional areas that can be found in an organization. (Minimum 500 words) (P1.1)

To reach the goal of profitability and manage the information of an organization, The organization management classified in to three hierarchical levels such as Strategic level, Tactical level, Operational level ( Top to Bottom).

Organizational Levels

Strategic Level

Strategic level represents the top level management of the organization. In this level Managers are the main characters who involving to take the main decisions which directly impact with the organization goals. Also top level managers make decisions affecting the entire of the organization. Top level managers are not direct the day to day activities. They set the goals and direct organization to achieve them. These level managers have very visible vision about the future of organization. Strategic level managers are ultimately responsible for the company performance. …show more content…

In this level Managers are responsible to carrying out the goals set by the strategic level management and they do by setting goals for their functional areas. The tactical level managers are specialized for their functional areas of the organization and directly working with their respective departments. Tactical level managers may also communicate upward by updating the strategic level management with feedback and suggestions related to set goals and provide valuable information to improve the organization operational level (bottom line) Depending on the size of the organization and the functional areas numbers of the tactical level manager are vary. Tactical Level Management using more information than the Strategic Level management.

Tactical level management job titles :- HR Manager, Finance Manager, IT Manager ,Marketing Manager, Procurement Manager, Production Manager and etc.


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