Public Health Management Theory Essay

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Identification of Concepts/Theories

1. Concepts

• Public Health Management can defined as set of activities which are planning (very important) and decision making, organizing (continous) ,leading and controlling that are directed at an organization resources such as human, financial, physical and information. This concept of management helps us understand the structure and operations of the health system and provide an opportunity to manage the complex nature of the health systems and rationale for quality management of the needed resources.

• The concept of strategic management which is a set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of an organization such as FHI360 etc which includes internal and external environment scanning; strategy formulation, strategy implementation and ;evaluation and control.
The concept helps to
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It’s defined as a projected or predetermined course of action designed to achieve a specific goal or objective of an organization.
It helps us to know what, when, where, how, why, and by whom a set of activities should be carried out. It’s a common saying that the higher the level of administration, the more the involvement and time devoting to planning which could be seen as basis for any successful program
• The concept of Staffing in an organization can be defined as the process of “personalizing” or process of staffing by hiring the right type and adequate number of workers to each unit or department as the case may be for the time required for the program through several procedures such as identifying the type and number of personnel, recruitment, selection and orientations.
This is applicable to the projects that need to be staff as guide. It helps the projects to carry out job analysis, job description and specification as it may be
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