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`Use of PEST analysis at UNISON
Q1. Explain the purpose and benefits of PEST analysis?
Ans: PEST analysis is very useful to understand market growth rates, business strategies and business operations. The main purpose of PEST analysis is:
1. It can be used efficiently for business and strategic planning, market planning, business, product development and research reports.
2. It ensures the company’s performance that is positively associated with factors that are effecting business environment.
3. It is useful when a company wants to enter into new markets and new countries.
4. It is useful to break the unaware assumptions and help effectively to adopt the realities of the new environment.
The benefits of PEST analysis are:
1. It provides
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Political Factors
Allegations: Migrant workers are doing unattractive pay packages jobs than the Britisher workers. The migrants are accused of deduction in pays. The British workers are not happy with the migrants since they tend to appropriate all their work for a little compensation. But if there was a fair negotiated pay packages then this type of misfortune would not arise.
Short Life Jobs: Migrants comes on short term basis, in areas of high migrant populations. There are greater pressures of scarce housing and health necessities. The migrant’s population is not constantly spread across the UK. The majority of migrants are in London and the South East which makes it even difficult for the government authorities to provide even and equal provisions.
Employment Legislation: Many employers were ignoring employment law. Most of the companies were not paying the minimum wage to their employees. Workers also have a fear of losing a job. Migrant workers looking for help have been turned away.
2. Economic
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Technological Factor
• Mechanization of production processes in factories requires few skills.
• The internet is used for information processing in purchasing and data management areas e.g. Online shopping. Many migrant graduates come for these specialized vacancies.
• The biggest factor that affecting migration is to increased availability and reduced cost of transport. Over 75% of migrants come to UK and most using budget airlines.
• Advancement in online money transfers enables migrant workers to send money home easily and securely. So, Migrant move easily to another country. A United Nations statistic shows that migrant workers send remittances twice that are given in international aid to developing countries.
• Telecommunication methods improved that make easier for potential migrants to discover what kind of job opportunities are available. Through online chats, they give information to their family and friends for jobs available in other countries and can keep in contact in their home countries.
Q4. Evaluate the extent to which the UK economy benefits from migrant labor?
Ans: The migrant worker plays an important role in public and private sectors of UK economy. The reasons how migrant labor benefits UK
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