PLANET 21 Case Study

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There is no doubt that the world is changing from a social, economic and environmental point of view. For these reasons, modifying our habits is no longer an option, but a must; if we continue to consume at this speed we would need the resources of three Planet’s Earths in order to survive. Companies, such as the hospitality industry, have a key-role to play in the developing world because of their economic significance and their environmental impact (Chung and Parker, 2010). Luckily, in recent years, this industry is promoting sustainable alternatives to apply in their hotels and resorts around the world. A perfect example is the AccorHotels Company, which has developed a sustainable strategy called PLANET 21. Throughout different projects and challenges, Accor is trying to educate customers and employees about sustainability.…show more content…
Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO at AccorHotels, is aware of the responsibility of Accor as an economic plyer around the world and is completely committed to reduce the negative impacts produced by the company on the different local environments (Bazin, 2015). Global warming and climate change are the central issues that Accor tries to face with PLANET 21 project. In fact, global warming is not just creating the greenhouse effect, but also environmental degradation, flora and fauna extinctions, air and water pollution. Besides, even scarier is that the responsibility for the global warming lies on the activity of humans, who most of the times harm the ecosystem by wasting energy, using polluted materials and wasting water and other un-renewable

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