Parenting Styles In Child Development

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People have their own unique style when it comes to parenting. Parenting is not just a few set of rules; the parenting style reflects what kind of a nature care givers have, the environment they grew up in. Its important for the parents to adapt the best parenting style and help the children to function well. A lot of factors lead to the development of different parenting style such as their home environment: the environment, the care givers grew up in. If the parents were extremely strict and never provided them with the required space, then the care givers would be open-minded, accepting, and somewhat liberal. If the parents never actually cared, then the care givers would be extremely nurturing and caring. They may pamper and spoil the child. There are two different combinations of parenting styles that parent use on their child. First one is complimentary parenting style where both the parents use same parenting style that is both mother and father follow same style . the second one is non complimentary parenting style where parents follow dfferent parenting style. It is believed that a child’s personality development completely depends on the way their parents interact with the child. The type of discipline that a parent uses with their child can have a dramatic effect on their child’s development. These discipline strategies can have a big impact on the type of relationship one has with their child. The various approaches to discipline can even influence a child’s mood
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